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Black Leg Harness Garter - Black
Isn't it about time for a change? The black leg harness garter is perfect if you're looking to spice up your outfit and get people talking.
$60.00 from $37.00
Adjustable Bondage Fetishwear - Red
The adjustable bondage gear has straps and ties in different ways so even if someone's size changes over time they don't feel restricted or uncomfortable.
$65.00 from $35.00
Aesthetic Clothing Set - Black
A whole new world of fashion awaits you with the Aesthetic Clothing Set, available exclusively at The Outfit. These clothes are not for everyone!
$70.00 from $50.00
Chain Harness Belt - Black
The best way to spice up any outfit is with a bit of kink. This belt will make you feel more confident and powerful as it clasps your waist in all the right spots, giving off an air that says...
from $55.00
Leg Harness Belt - Black
$65.00 from $40.00
Leg Harness Belt - Black
The Sexy Leg Harness Belt is designed to make your legs look longer and more attractive. It's comfortable, adjustable - perfect for any occasion!The Miya says: "Dress up with our new Sexy Leg Harness belt today!"
$65.00 from $40.00
Leather Leg Harness - Red
Leather leg harnesses are a fabulous way to walk your pup in style. These fashionable belts have just enough stretch for an easy fit, and they're made from high-quality materials that will last even if you happen upon life's little...
$60.00 from $35.00
Sexy Leg Harness Leather - Red
A sexy leg harness makes for a great accessory. It can be used in various ways and is sure to turn heads wherever you go!
$60.00 from $38.00
Black Leather Garter Harness - Black
A black leather garter harness is a great accessory for any event. With this sleek design, you'll be able to let your partner know exactly what's on the menu by accentuating their package with these shiny restraints!
$50.00 from $30.00
Plus Size Leg Harness - Red
So you're looking for a plus-sized leg harness, right? We have just the thing! Our lusciously plump ladies will be your newest and best friend.
$70.00 from $40.00
Seductive Full Body Leather Harness - Red
If you're looking for a seductive harness that'll make your partner feel like they've been caged, look no further than this leather and lace ensemble. With delicate straps decorated with an elegant bowtie it will be hard not to swoon at...
$80.00 $55.00
Leg Garter Harness Set - Red
The Leg Garter Harness Set is a must-have for any lady who has their sights set on looking good. For those looking to spice up an outfit or just ease some discomfort, this harness will do the trick!
$120.00 from $70.00
Open Bra Harness Set - Black
The open bra harness set is one of the most popular types because it's simple and easy to wear. The straps lie flat against your body, with no gap or overlap between them at any time--making this a great option...
$90.00 from $60.00
Strap Harness Set - Black
This strap harness belt is a must have for your husband or boyfriend who loves feeling dominant! It's perfect to spice up any outfit and give you that extra confidence boost."I don't know about y'all, but I always felt really...
$85.00 from $60.00
Fancy Harness Sexy - Black
The world is a more beautiful place with the sexy lingerie from Fancy Harness. Whether you're looking for something that will make your lover swoon or just want to feel comfortable in an outfit that'll show off those curves, we've...
$70.00 from $50.00
Tassel Bra Leather Harness - Black
It's so chic and the perfect length for any outfit. The tassel bra leather harness is a great way to spice up your look with some edgy flair!
$70.00 from $45.00
Sexy Garter Harness - Black
The delicious and devious garter harness. It's like a sexy hip criterion for the perfect dance, or an accessory that will make you feel confident no matter what outfit is put together!
$70.00 from $40.00
Festival Clothing Harness - Red
The perfect festival clothing harness to show off your outfit! The design is simple yet elegant. You can find one today at this store for only $40 dollars
$70.00 from $40.00
Booty Thigh Harness - Black
This Thigh harness is the perfect solution for women who want to flatten their backside and thighs.
$85.00 from $40.00
Waist to Thigh Harness - Red
The waist to thigh harness is a favorite for those who are looking for more than just sagging skin. It’s perfect whether you want an hourglass figure or toned legs and buttocks!
$70.00 from $40.00
Chest Harness Garter Set - Black
The perfect gift for a special occasion or just because. This stylish set includes one black chest harness, seven garter straps in different colors and sizes to match all of your lingerie perfectly!
$80.00 from $0.00
Sexy Thigh Harness - Black
The sexy thigh harness is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. This item can be used for multiple activities and provides an exciting new experience that will make both partners hornier than ever before!
$58.00 from $38.00
Red Body Harness Belt Set - Red
A Red Body Harness Belt Set is the perfect way to spice up your outfit. The styling will have you feeling sexy and sensual no matter what time of day or occasion!
from $50.00
The ultimate accessory for seduction, the sexy leather thigh garter has been a staple in any woman's wardrobe since its inception. A must-have item as it allows you to show off your legs andtsyour partner will be powerless not to notice every curve of them!
 In this article, we will discuss what is a garter belt and how it's used. A Garter Belt or simply known as "Garters" are pieces of elastic material that you wear around your legs with stockings on them in order to hold up the skirt when sitting down so it doesn't get pull over itself during use.
They can also provide support for larger pantyhose items such as tights rather than just hosiery alone because they offer more coverage which some women need especially those who have very muscular or thin physiques where there may not be enough skin covering their leg area without wearing opaque clothing underneath!
The accessory became popular after Madonna began using hers while performing

A passionate gift for your partner!

Think of the most comfortable harness ever! With its velvet-like, soft texture and fashionable design it will make you feel like a goddess as soon as they slip on.

There are three different sizes available - small/medium for petite frames up to 150lbs; large fits people above 180 pounds or lighter built structure plus extra space if needed in between hip bones near rear end so even very postive sized individuals can wear these comfortably without worry about being too tight anywhere else around their bodies.

Get the sexy legs you've always wanted

The sexy harness you've always wanted is finally here. This black pu leather strap on your thighs will show all the world how much power lie underneath it, as well as making any outfit sexier than ever before!

Beautiful, Sensual Leather Leg Harness

Our beautiful and sensual leather leg harness is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking to spice up your bedroom playtime, or give as a gift during Valentine's Day weekend - this sleek piece will do the job! The soft material feels amazing against sensitive skin while still being durable enough that it can withstand even roughest of times between lovers (or friends).

Sexy, Adjustable Leather Leg garters

Attractive, adjustable leather leg garters that are both sexy and functional. These will keep your stockings in place while also making sure they're not too tight or loose around the thighs with their sleek design which allows you to adjust it just right so there's no discomfort at all.

Leg Garters that look and feel amazing.

For those who want to be the queen of their own realm, these leg garter are a must.

Tightly wound around your thighs they'll make it feel as if you were wrapped in nothing but silk and lace. The strings will keep them securely on while dancing or running errands so that no matter what activity takes place during wear time is devoted exclusively for them!

They're also great if one size just isn't enough - there's six different styles available plus two additional mixed packs including some with shimmering gems attached inside for an extra glam touch without breaking

The best way to show off your curves

Curves are beautiful. The best way to show them off is by wearing a dress or skirt that fits you well and flatters your figure, like this one from previous seasons!

Sexy leather Leg Harness for women only

The newest craze in bedroom wear is a pu leather thigh harness for women. These are perfect if you're looking to spice up your sex life and make it more exciting! The soft, supple material will hug every curve of yours as he slides inside doggy-style or gets Researchers have found that there's no better feeling than being conscious during penetration due Get him all worked up then surprise him with this innovative design - Its also good foreplay because men find straps intensely sexy too.

The New Sexy Trend of The Year Leg Garter

The hot new trend in women's fashion is the leg garter. These are stocking-like devices that go over your stockings and expose all of their creamy skin to anyone who happens along enough for such an inspection! The Frenchie Boutique has started selling them as part our "sexy summer set" which includes matching thong sandals with four inch heels - perfect if you want people checking out how sexy it would be at your beach party this year.

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