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Collar Handcuffs Triple Fixation - Black
Collar Handcuffs Triple Fixation This is a great gift for anyone who has been told they need the "correct" size of collar and cuffs.
$80.00 from $40.00

A perfect example of a common form of sexual restraint is wearing underwear with an elastic strap on them. These are usually worn by men, but some women also use this technique as well- something about it just seems to work better for their body size or shape than other clothing options might be!

Best Sexual Restraint From Miya. We all have a natural instinct that can be tamed. You might think it's wrong, but I assure you the right person will understand and enjoy every second of this experience as much as we do! 

Do you want to get excited during sexual activities? Then check out our products. We manufacture high quality genuine or vegan leather restraints for those who want to experience fetish fantasy. Chastity belts and Wrist restraints are in our trend collection of many items. Looking for a gift for a dating partner? We are the brand you are looking for chastity belts, nipple clamps, genital clamps, Sexy Slave Outfit and more!

Get ecstatic with Fetish Sex Slave Role Playing Costumes. You will want to surprise your partner. More of Sex handcuffs or leather Wrist Cuffs on our website. Do you like ankle restraints? Do you want to get more sexual pleasure with sex restrictions? Then check out our fantasy products like bondage restraints.

These ankle cuffs will let you be hands-free when it comes to mobility. A lot of people are getting into kinky stuff these days, but do you know what it means when they say "kink" or where exactly this trend came from. Let me break it down for you! Kinks come in different types like bondage sex acts that involve ropes and chains during sex; sadomasochism (sometimes referred to as BDSM) which involves giving pleasure while receiving punishment there is definitely no one way to be sexy according your personal preferences and don't forget about lingerie fetishes like leather panties...

Cuffs made of leather are often the preferred choice for those looking to create an airy, elegant vibe. They're perfect when you want your hands free but also need some grip on something (like railings or furniture) near where they're attached- these wristlets won't let go until it's time!

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