Silk and satin lingerie are the foundation of any complete lingerie drawer. Find great deals on sexy silk or scintillating suede right at Miya, your online supplier for fine pieces that will make you feel like a goddess!

The best quality materials ensure comfort while providing an intense stimulating experience with every wear; it’s no wonder these two types rule supreme in terms fell excellence among all others available today - especially since they're so soft against skin or rather: Against our sensitive areas!

Care for crepe de satin lingerie is easy: just remember to wash it in the gentlest mode, away from direct sunlight. Avoid drying crepe de chine lingerie near a radiator, as it can cause the fragile threads of silk to break. Unlike other fabrics, crepe de chine is safe to dry clean.

Besides, you can also use a cool iron to keep it looking pristine. It's also advisable to dry clean crepe de chine lingerie instead of washing it regularly. You can also use a dry cleaning service, but you should make sure you're not drying the fabric too much, or you risk damaging it.

The ancient Chinese people liked to wear fine fabrics and this fabric was inspired by them. Its lustrous appearance and romantic ambiance makes it the perfect choice for many occasions. The material can be woven into many kinds of clothing, including lingerie, swimsuits, and even dresses.

Best Sexy Silk Charmeuse Lingerie

This fabric is one of the most luxurious types of lingerie on the market. Made from silk, charmeuse is often referred to as "patronelle" or "silk satin" for its smooth, shiny finish. While charmeuse is typically associated with women's apparel, the fabric can also be made from other fabrics, including rayon, polyester, and polyester.

Unlike other types of lingerie, charmeuse does not require high-tech computer looms to make a piece of charmeuse lingerie.

Stretch wovens are made from nylon/spandex yarns. This type of fabric is more elastic than regular knit fabrics but does not stretch as much. Stretch wovens are often used as substitutes for knit fabrics in lingerie or other types of undergarments.

The material is light and breathable. Read on to learn about the benefits of stretch wovens for lingerie.

Nylon underwear is available for men and women. Lightweight boxers and briefs made from nylon have become a popular choice for undergarments in recent years. Nylon is smooth against the skin, is less expensive than cotton and has excellent wicking ability.

Nylon/spandex satin lingerie is especially flattering under skirts and dresses, and lycra lingerie is great for morning runs and sportswear. Lastly, choose a style that compliments your lifest

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