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Wearing red lingerie can increase self-confidence, and research has shown it to do so in several ways. It's associated with love, lust, power, and status.

German researchers studied 180 college students, and found that participants who wore red shirts rated themselves as more sexually appealing and more attractive than their counterparts.

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While wearing red sexy lingerie can boost self-confidence, the effects aren't limited to women. Men also seem to enjoy wearing red sexy lingerie sets.

Shopping for intimates can be a fun and sensual experience. When you see the color red, it's no surprise that it can evoke passion, fire, and love. Wearing red intimates can have the same effect.

While red lingerie is usually regarded as a sensual invitation, different shades send different signals.

For example, red with black sends an erotic message, while delicate carmine red conveys a strong sense of femininity. The underlying message?

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