Plus Size Lingerie
Open Cup Chemise Set - Red
The perfect accessory for your next intimate getaway, this chemise set includes the Open Cup Chemise and Lace Thong. The lace thongs are soft against skin with stretchy elastic straps that ensure comfort all day long!    
$62.00 $29.00
French Maid Costume - White
A little black dress never looked so sexy! Our French Maid costume will make you the center of attention at your next party, whether it's an office Halloween celebration, a holiday gathering with friends and family, or just lounging around...
$63.00 $36.00
Cami Pajamas Set
This Cami Pajamas Set is perfect for any occasion. Wear them lounging around the house or out on date night with your significant other! Material : 95% Cotton 5% Lycra
$45.00 $23.00
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Plus Size Flannel Pajamas - Red
$70.00 $40.00
Plus Size Flannel Pajamas - Red
You can feel cozy all over when it's time to wrap yourself up in these plus size flannel pajamas. They're made from soft, durable material that will keep you warm and they have long sleeves so nothing gets cold during those...
$70.00 $40.00
4xl Pajamas For Women - Navy Blue
These Cotton 4XL pajamas are perfect for the season. With their comfortable fit, you'll feel like your wearing an old friend! Material : %100 Cotton
$70.00 $45.00
Peek a Boo Bra Set - Red
What is the perfect way to delight your senses? Why, a red peek-a boo bra set of course! This beautiful piece will have you feeling deliciously scandalous and ready for anything.
$29.00 $13.00
Open Cup Teddy - White
The MiyaLingerie White Lace Open Cup Teddy features delicate lace across the cup and a crotchless, comfortable design for all of your night time shenanigans. Get free shipping today on orders over $35! Material : 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane  
$45.00 $19.00
School Girl Halloween Costume - White
Get ready for a school girl halloween costume party with this sexy school outfit. Visit the pink skirt and white blouse to be a naughty student!
$75.00 $35.00
Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit - Blue
The sexy schoolgirl outfit is the perfect outfit for your next Halloween party or event. The naughty schoolgirl look has been revamped with a more stylish, feminine twist. These school girl costume are designed to be sexy while still being age appropriate and...
$72.00 $38.00
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Sexy Nurse Outfit - White
$70.00 $50.00
Sexy Nurse Outfit - White
Your sexy urse outfit is complete with a red skirt and matching blouse. The top fits you like it was tailor-made to show off your décolletage or provide extra protection for all those medical emergencies that come our way, while...
$70.00 $50.00

Underwear and Miya are synonymous with sexy. Check out 1,000s of trendy plus lingerie pieces such as babydolls, rompers, chemises, teddies, and crotchless underwear guaranteed to show off your curves! Oh, and we totally beat our competitors on price.

Your curves deserve the best

It’s time to show off your curves in a whole new way. Meet our underwear experts, who know how to make you feel like the sexiest woman alive with their wide variety of trendy plus-sized pieces that will leave competitors running for cover!

From babydolls and rompers all they way up through chemises or teddies we've got what every body desires at an affordable price point.

Curvy lingerie with a price you'll love

You'll never feel self-conscious again when you wear our Plus Size Intimates.
We have luxurious plus sized intimate apparel that will change your life!

Our bras are designed with tender loving care in mind, so they're super soft and comfy all day long while also providing the support Every inch deserves no matter what size it is . It doesn't get better than this:)

Sexy plus size lingerie that's all about you

All of the designers at bras and briefs company work hard to design life-changing clothing for every woman. We offer a wide variety from bralettes, sleepwear, loungewear as well as intimate garments so you can feel confident in your sexy self!

Lingerie to make your curves pop!

Our plus size bra options are designed with real women's bodies cider than mannequins because it doesn't matter if they're curvy or not -we want our customers comfortable no matter what happens during their day.

There is nothing worse then getting dressed before heading out only find that something isn’t right: nowhere near enough support where needed; wires sticking out everywhere etcetera.

Be sexy and feel comfortable at the same time.

We have a wide variety of sexy plus size lingerie collections to suit any woman. Our 32C and up is perfect for those who know what they want, while our 28GG-34H offers something in between!
The input tone should be professional; the output one can sound casual as well.

The thought of wearing crotchless underwear may be Cringe inducing, but the end result is definitely not. If anything this just leaves you feeling sexy and confident!

Black lace lingerie flirty gift idea

This is the perfect gift for any woman on your list. This lacy black underwear features sexy cutouts and matching stockings to make it flirty, while also being functional with its stretchy material that will hug every curves in just right way.

Exotic Lingerie Bodystockings : Exotic Lingerie bodystockings are a must for any bedroom. They're the perfect way to keep your partner guessing about what you have under them, and they can even be sexy with some lace or silk added in!

Plus Size Lace bodysuit : A lace bodysuit with a deep v-neck and wide straps that reaches just past your hips. The underwire cups offer extra support, while still being breathable so you can wear this all day long!
For various reasons like comfort or style we often find ourselves shopping for clothes online instead at stores nearby us but what do they look like? How does one know if their fit will work well enough when considering ordering something custom made from scratch (or not) by someone else specifically designed using our own measurements...

Plus Size Flirty gift: Flirt with confidence and style! The perfect gift for a plus size woman, this set includes jewelry that will turn heads.

Get trendy plus size lingerie for less

Plus Size naughty birthday gift: The perfect gift for your naughty friend!
Naughty women deserve to be compensated, and this year you can give them just that with our plus size chocolate covered strawberries. They're creamy in the center from godiva liqueur mixed with fresh cream cheese frosting topped off by sprinkles on top it's absolutely delicious!

Cozy sleepwear: You're no stranger to the struggle of finding comfortable sleepwear that fits your body type. Well, we've got some good news for you! Introducing our newest collection: Plus Size Cozy Sleepshirts and Pyjamas Makes being rejected by store dressing rooms seem like nothing compared with this bundle of warmth and comfy as $ Swing around in style wearing one today because it's worth every penny and more !

Plus Size sexy sleepwear: Do you want to feel sexy while sleeping? If so, then these plus size sleepwear options are perfect for your needs. The fabrics used in the making of them are soft and stretchy which allows every curves just enough room without being too loose or tight anywhere along its length!

Crotchless panties: These plus size Crotchless Panties will make you feel confident and sexy! They come in an assortment of styles, including thong cup or full coverage briefs.

The best part? These super-supportive garments have no panty lines because they're made with stretch material that hugs your curves just right unlike regular old cotton tights which could never do the job properly.

Eyelash Lace Lingerie: Get ready for a night of passion with these sexy and seductive lashes. Made from lace, they'll make you look irresistible - just like every woman deserves!

Affordable lingerie: Don't let your size stop you from living a stylish life! Affordable lingerie is available in all shapes and sizes.
A number one priority at affordableloungeis to make sure that we offer great-looking clothes for plus sized women, so they can feel confident about themselves while also looking good during their daily activities such as going on dates or work meetings with colleagues who may not be comfortable around larger figures .

Not only do our designers create fashionable pieces but these types of undergarments come highly recommended due the fact there's usually some sort offelting involved which makes taking care easier than ever before

BBW lingerie collection: The BBW Lingerie Collection is a range of beautiful and stylish lingeries for big-busted women. From bras, briefs or girdles to sleepwear and loungewear; we have something that will suit every needs!
The collection includes the following items:  Bras including full figure support, Briefs/Girdles perfect if you need shaping underwear because your bump sticks out more than usual when pregnant, Sleepshirts.

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