micro bikini for women
Crotchless Bikini Set - Black
Crochless bikinis have been all over social media lately and we can see why... It's always refreshing seeing new styles hit stores every season but sometimes they don't quite work for us as much because let’s face it not everyone...
$90.00 $60.00
Hot Sexy One Piece Swimsuit - White
Every woman deserves a piece of White Hot Sexy. This one-piece swimsuit is perfect for any occasion and will make you feel like the luckiest woman in this world!
Miya Grey Micro Bikini - Grey
Ultra sexy Miya Grey is one of the sexiest micro bikinis I've ever seen. Her tight, toned abs and perfect little behind make it impossible for me not to stare at her as she walks by in a crowded beach...
$19.00 $12.00
Black Yellow Micro Thong Bikini - Yellow
This micro thong is ultra-sexy and will make you feel like the only woman in existence! The sexy black color combined with yellow really does it for me.
$17.00 $11.00
Tiny Black Bikini - Black
The cutest little black bikini you'll ever see. Made of high quality material that will look great on any figure, this one-piece looks ultra sexy with its tiny straps and crew neckline.Makes a perfect gift for your beach trip!
Very Small Super Sexy Mini Monokini - Black
This tiny, barely-there bikini is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their curves. It's also great if you're looking to take everything into account when it comes down t o what guys are really after these days--a super...
$32.00 $14.00
Tiny Red Bikini - Red
Ultra sexy and tiny, the Red Bikini is an outfit that will make any woman feel like they're on top of their game.
Ultra Sexy Black Micro Thong - Black
Gosh, these are so sexy! You'll have everyone at the poolside with you in no time. The Ultra Black Micro Thongbrings out your inner sexiness and makes it clear that there's nothing modesty about what they're packing down below...
from $0.00
Thin White Micro Bikini - White
Thin white micro bikinis are the most popular choice for summer. They're basically string briefs, with a small strip of fabric that covers just enough skin to be sexy but not too revealing or distracting from your features perfect if...
$23.00 $8.50
Shiny Leather Look G String Set - Black
If you want to spice up your love life and look great doing it, then check out the new shiny leather-like g string set. Made from high quality material that's soft against skin with adjustable straps for ultimate comfort!
Mini Black Micro Bikini - Black
The sexy mini black micro bikini is perfect for the person who wants barely there coverage. The low cut top adds an extra degree of difficulty when removing yourself from pool or ocean, but it's worth every second!
$24.00 $9.30
Shiny Navy Blue Micro Bikini Set - Blue
The perfect addition to any beach day, the Sexy Shiny Navy Blue Micro Bikini Set will make you feel confident and ready for anything. The thin material provides a flattering fit without sacrificing comfort.
$27.00 $9.00
Extreme Crotchless Micro Bikini Set - Black
If you're looking for a way to have fun in the sun, look no further than this exciting black set. The bikini features an ultra-thin design with cutouts that let your innermost secrets shine through it will be hard not...
$28.00 $8.15
Fire Red Micro Thong Bikini - Red
When it comes to bikinis, the fire red micro thong is a must have for any fashionable lady. Made from high quality materials with an attention grabbing shade of fiery orange that will draw eyes your way every time you...
White Crotchless Micro Bikini - White
White Crotchless Micro Bikinis are a classic that will never go out of style. They're great for summertime pool parties or even just lounging around the house! It is a One Piece Product. ( Bottom Only )
$35.00 $20.00
Crotchless Red Tiny Bikini - Red
This tiny red bikini is a great choice for summer. It is completely handmade. It comes in two parts (top and bottom).
$120.00 $70.00
Extreme Micro Bikini - Red
The new, highly anticipated extreme micro bikini bottom is here! This tiny yet still cheeky piece of swimwear will have you feeling confident and empowered in your own skin.
Babyyoda Super Micro Bikini - Brown
The Babyyoda Super Micro Bikini is a one-piece bottom swimsuit for your baby that will make them feel like their own little Poseidon. The unique design and soft fabric keeps it from being too bulky so you can enjoy those...
$37.00 $25.00
Blue Micro G String Bikini Bottom - Blue
This handmade blue micro string bikini bottom will show off your best assets. Made of high quality material that is comfortable and durable, it's perfect for any activity or event!
$40.00 $35.00
Minimal Coverage Nudist Bikini - Black
The ultra Minimal Coverage Nudist Bikini is absolutely what you need for the nude beach. 100% handmade from organic cotton. We have many color options available.
$45.00 $30.00
Open Crotch Tiny String - Green
Open Crotch Tiny String is one of the most erotic gifts you can gift on special occasions. Absolutely very sexy, completely handmade and made of 100% natural cotton.
$50.00 $34.00
String Slingshot Bikini - Pink
$40.00 $36.00
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String Slingshot Bikini - Pink
May your beauties never fade! Unleash all your glamor with the String Slingshot Bikini. Handmade from 100% Cotton, this product is specially produced for you.
$40.00 $36.00
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Open Crotch Bikini - Black
$60.00 $32.00
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Open Crotch Bikini - Black
The open crotch bikini was a perfect choice for summer.  Material : %100 Cotton %100 Handmade item
$60.00 $32.00
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Crochet Bikini Bottom - Black
$70.00 $30.00
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Crochet Bikini Bottom - Black
Crochet Bikini Bottoms are designed to be strong, durable and comfortable. They also come in all different styles so you can find the perfect bottom for your next beach outing! Material : %100 Cotton-  %100 Handmade item
$70.00 $30.00
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You will mark this summer with a provocative Extreme Micro Bikini!

Many people think that the only thing they need for their intimate moments is a nice suit.

But, are you aware there are other items out in the market? If not, then stop what you're doing and get yourself some sexy lingerie! 

Sexy Beachwear, Mini Bikini, Skimpy Bikini

It's time to spice up things between partners with this novel type of clothing.

It will make both parties happy because no matter who wears them, it feels good knowing each other has something cool under control while getting down on top during lovemaking sessions or beforehand.

Best Sexy Style Beach Wear Collection

You won't be able to resist the temptation of these sexy micro bikini bottoms. They're available in a variety of different colours, so you'll find something perfect for your style! %100¬†Handmade¬†ńįtem

Fabric Materials ; 

  • Soft Fabric Bikini
  • Stretchy Fabrics
  • Cotton Lining
  • Dry Fabric¬†Brazilian Bikini¬†Body
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Semi-sheer mesh fabric
  • Fabric with plenty

Micro Swimwear, Bikini, Brazilian Bikini Set

Browse Our Products ;

  • Sheer bikini¬†collection
  • Naughty Style Woman Swimwear Set
  • Open Crotch¬†bikini set
  • Minimal Coverage¬†Extreme swimsuits women
  • Miya Sexy Styles Gift For Women Collections
  • Cheeky coverage¬†Crotchless Bikini¬†For Women

Give your love life a boost with these lace items that are sure to excite. From sexy nightgowns and pyjamas, or just some plain old extreme lingerie, you'll be all dressed up for anything! 

Join the trend of micro-bikinis with this mini micro swimwear Product! These one-piece suits are perfect for more miniature figures and come in many different colours, making them ideal as an everyday suit or just something fun on vacation!

Microkini, Hot Girl Summer Outfit Collections

The microkini is a one-piece bathing suit that offers the perfect coverage for any body type. Blending seamlessly into your skin, this suite leaves nothing to chance when it comes to style or comfort in mind!

Extreme Bikini Swimwear, erotic swimsuit Collections

Is this the extreme bikini for your next vacation? Well, if it is, then look no further because these extreme bikinis are here to make sure that you have a blast in the sun. They come with strings attached, so there will be nothing holding back what's between their legs!

String Tie Bikini Top, Nude beach style bikini

The most popular trend is to go for the string bikini. You can tie your strings in any way that suits you, or leave them loose if that's more agreeable of an outfit.

If a high-waisted bikini suit seems ordinary to you, you deserve a sexier one.

Show off all your wildness with the sheer micro mini bikini swimsuit.

Women's Micro Bikini Extreme Mini Tiny G String Thong Sheer Swimsuit

Designed with polka dots or embedded metallic accessories, these beautiful products are handmade. It is made of unique cotton materials.

The skimpy bikini you are looking for is in our store!

Moreover, it is of first-class quality! The mesh micro bikini sheer feature will make you look older than you are. You will be the centre of attention this summer.  

You will be the centre of attention this summer.


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