Neon Peach with Purple Trim Bikini Medium Coverage
Neon peach with a purple trim bikini is the perfect summer look. It's fun, flirty and youthful just like you! Neon peach stretch material with purple elastic trim Medium Coverage adjustable top Scrunch butt style bottoms with side ties (choose...
$75.00 from $50.00

Hot Pink Micro Bikini
This tiny sexy bikini is perfect for a hot day at the beach, pool or seaside. Or if you're feeling overly spicy, wear it for a photo shoot and show your undying expressions how hot you are. Either way, you'll...
$130.00 $60.00

Yellow with Black Trim Medium Coverage
Yellow with a hint of black trim. This color is perfect for those looking to be tan without being tooPrinted or heavy handed about it! Yellow high quality spandex stretch material with black elastic trim Our yellow fabric can appear...
$75.00 $55.00

Amazing Naughty Coverage Blue with Purple Trim Micro Bikini
Micro bikinis are permanent and we love them. These tiny swimsuits will keep you confident, especially when paired with our Amazing Naughty Coverage Blue top or purple embellished bottoms. It's everything but it also showcases every inch of skin that...
$65.00 from $50.00

Bright Blue Mini Coverage 2 Piece Micro String Bikini Set
The fresh and exciting new Bright Blue Mini Coverage 2 Piece Micro String Bikini Set is perfect for any woman looking to spice up their swimwear collection. These sexy string bikinis are made with quality material that will give you...
$75.00 $55.00

Nuna Extreme Crotchless Bikini Set Black Sexy Crotch Less Bikini
Mini coverage crochless micro bikini have been all over social media lately and we can see why... It's always refreshing seeing new styles hit stores every season but sometimes they don't quite work for us as much because let’s face...
$90.00 $60.00
Sun Party Collection 2 Piece Bikini Set
A 2-piece shirred Brazilian bikinis set is a must-have for any fashionable woman. The style and figure flattering cut of these beautiful g string bathing suits will make you feel like royalty, as it's certain to show off your curves in...

Black Swan 2-Piece Bikini Set
This 2 piece sexy micro bikini extreme set is a must-have for any summer beach day. Made from high quality materials and designed to show off your best assets, these suits will turn heads wherever you go! Collection: Micro Bikini...
$40.00 from $38.99

Ice Cream Crochet Crotchless Bikini
Crochet micro bikini models are designed to be strong, durable and comfortable. They also come in all different styles so you can find the perfect bottom for your next beach outing! This Product consists of only the bottom part. Collection:...
$70.00 $30.00

Miya Crotchless Bikini Bottom Open Crotch Pink Knit Bikini
Open crotch, inappropriate swimsuits are the perfect choice for summer. Pink wonderful netless micro bikinis from Miya will be talked about a lot this summer! It will make you the star of the day with its excellent handwork and its non-irritating...
$60.00 $32.00

Babyyoda Super Beach Mini Extreme Bikini
The baby Yoda super beach crochet micro bikini is a one-piece bottom swimsuit for your baby that will make them feel like their own little Poseidon. The unique design and soft fabric keep it from being too bulky, so you...
$37.00 from $25.00

Pink Micro Slingshot Bikini
May your beauties never fade! Unleash all your glamor with the string sling bikini. Handmade from 100% cotton, this product is specially produced for you. Collection: Micro Bikinis The perfect bikini for a confident woman Adds glamor and confidence to...
$40.00 $36.00

Minimal Coverage Nudist Bikini
The ultra minimal coverage nudist bikini high-waisted is absolutely what you need for the nude beach. 100% handmade from organic cotton. We have many color options available. Made from organic cotton Many color options available Ultra minimal coverage High waistband...
$45.00 $30.00
Extreme Health Themed Micro Swim Wear
The new, highly anticipated amazing extreme microkini is here! This is tiny yet still cheeky piece of swimwear will have you feeling confident and empowered in your own skin.
from $35.00

Blue Micro G String Bikini Bottom
This handmade blue tiny micro bikini extreme will show off your best assets. Made of high quality material that is comfortable and durable, it's perfect for any activity or event!exy and stylish shows off your curves comfortable and durable perfect...
$40.00 from $35.00
Fire Red Micro Thong Coverage Bikini
When it comes to fire red micro thong bikini  is a must have for any fashionable lady. Made from high quality materials with an attention grabbing shade of fiery orange that will draw eyes your way every time you step...
from $55.60
Amazing Mini Black Micro String Bikini
The sexy mini black micro string bikini is perfect for the person who wants barely there coverage. The low cut top adds an extra degree of difficulty when removing yourself from pool or ocean, but it's worth every second!
Ultra Sexy Red Micro Kini
This ultra sexy micro bikini will make you feel like a million bucks! Collection: Micro Bikinis
Sold Out

Shiny Leather Look G String Set
If you want to spice up your love life and look great doing it, then check out the new shiny leather like extra no Coverage micro swimwear. Made from high quality material that's soft against skin with adjustable straps for ultimate...

Thin White Micro Mini Bikini Set
Thin white micro swimwear is the most popular choice for summer. They're basically string briefs, with a small strip of fabric that covers just enough skin to be sexy but not too revealing or distracting from your features, perfect if...
$23.00 $8.50
Nude Beach Tiny Red Bikini
Ultra sexy red bikinis extreme is an outfit that will make any woman feel like they're on top of their game.
from $47.00

Sold Out

Very Small Super Sexy Mini Monokini
This tiny, barely there bikini extreme is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their curves. It's also great if you're looking to take everything into account when it comes down t o what guys are really after these...
$32.00 $14.00
Tiny Black Mini Coverage Bikini
The cutest little black bikini micro you'll ever see. Made of high quality material that will look great on any figure, this one piece looks ultra sexy with its tiny straps and crew neckline. Collection: Micro Bikini

Sold Out

Black Yellow Micro Thong Bikini
This micro thong bikini is ultra sexy and will make you feel like the only woman in existence! The sexy black color combined with yellow really does it for me. Collection: Micro Bikini
$17.00 $11.00

White Bridal Sexy Tiny Bikini
White crotchless bikini extreme style is a classic that will never go out of style. They're great for summertime pool parties or even just lounging around the house! It is a One Piece Product. ( Bottom Only )
$35.00 $20.00

Crotchless Red Tiny Bikini
This tiny red brazilian bikinis is a great choice for summer. It is completely handmade. It comes in two parts (top and bottom). Collection: Micro Bikinis
$120.00 $70.00

Sold Out

Amazing Shiny Navy Blue Tiny Hottest Bikini Set
The perfect addition to any beach day, the sexy shiny navy blue hot micro bikini set will make you feel confident and ready for anything. The thin material provides a flattering fit without sacrificing comfort. Collection: Micro Bikini
$27.00 $9.00
Hot Sexy White One Piece Hot Bikini
Every woman deserves a piece of white hot sexy. This one piece sling bikini is perfect for any occasion and will make you feel like the luckiest woman in this world! Collection: Micro Bikini

Bronze Top Y Back Thong Bottom Micro Bikini Set
Bronze Nude spandex fabric with bronze elastic trim two-piece bikini setMedium coverage topMedium coverage bottom with Y back thong styleOur nude fabric can appear a bit sheer (especially when wet Sizing details:Bikini Tops:All of the bikini tops are fully adjustable...
$75.00 $55.00

Open Crotch Tiny String
Open Crotch Tiny String is one of the most erotic gifts you can gift on special occasions. Very sexy, completely handmade, and made of 100% natural cotton.  
$50.00 $34.00

You will mark this summer with provocative tiny extreme micro bikinis. Many people think that the only thing they need for their intimate moments is a nice suit. But, are you aware there are other items out in the market? If not, stop what you're doing and get sexy lingerie.

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The amazing microkini is a one-piece bathing suit that offers the extreme for any body type. Blending seamlessly into your skin, this suite leaves nothing to chance regarding style or comfort in mind!

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The most popular trend is to go for the tiniest string bikini. You can tie your strings in any way that suits you or leave them loose if that's more agreeable of an outfit. If a high-waisted bikinis suit seems ordinary, you deserve a sexier one.

Show off all your wildness with the string micro mini bikini swimsuit. Women's micro tiny bikini sexy extreme mini tiny g string thong swimsuit.

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