Mens Harness: Leather Shoulder & Chest Harness
Mens Shoulder Harness - Black
The perfect accessory for men, these harnesses are made with durable materials and come in different colors. They're also adjustable so you can wear them comfortably no matter how tall or thin your build might be!You'll never want to go...
$90.00 from $50.00
BDSM Harness Man - Black
$60.00 from $45.00
BDSM Harness Man - Black
A man who adores leather, harnesses and other BDSM items. The kinkiest thing about this person is not that they are into different sexual fetishes but rather how much joy their love brings them!
$60.00 from $45.00
Gladiator Chest Harness Man - Red
A chest harness with style and class, the Gladiator is a must for any men who wants to feel powerful on their own terms.
$140.00 from $70.00
Leather Men Chest Harness - Red
For men who are always on-the go, this chest harness is the perfect solution. It attaches easily to any outfit and can be worn under most shirts without being too bulky or noticeable.This leather belt contains adjustable straps with buckle...
$70.00 $50.00
Men Leather Shoulder Harness - Black
This adjustable leather shoulder harness will transform your look with its sophisticated style. The supple and rich texture of this piece is a delightful contrast to the more modern, sleek designs that are trending currently in fashion today!
$60.00 $40.00

Some people might be intimidated by the thought of dressing up in clothes designed for someone else, but there's no need to worry. These awesome smooth leather harnesses are perfect because they're both functional and stylish!

The Sexiest Harnesses For Men

It's no wonder men are drawn to sex appeal. From skin-tight catsuits and lace lingerie, there is an outfit that will show off your assets just right! But what if you're not sure which style of harnesses work best?

We've got a few suggestions for those who might want their partner excessively aroused with every touch--or at least turned on by them as well.

Black Leather H-Harness for Men: This strap is a sensual and functional harness that features black leather, which can be worn underneath your clothes or over them for an encrusted effect.

The four buckles on this garment make it easy to adjust the fit however you want; whether they're fastened together at one end so there's no slipping while having some room between each bucklefor more stimulation during penetration or lowered down low enough where only their tips peek out from under clothing before being connected again just above navel level-the possibilities are endless!

Faux leather body harnesses for Male

The perfect gift for any man who has everything, this leather body harness will make him feel like the ultimate stud. Whether he likes to get dressed up in his suit and tie or just take it off after being at work all day long; there's no better way of showing off what you've got!

Gift ideas are easy with our wide variety including ones that come complete with buckles on either end so they can be worn as wristlets too if desired.

Genuine Leather Shoulder Harness That Will Provoke Women

For a woman who is not afraid to be feminine, this genuine leather shoulder harness will cause heads turn and hearts beat faster.

Sensual leather Bulldog harness for men: The Bulldog Harness is a great choice for men. The wide, sturdy and comfortable design will not only keep you safe while walking your dog but also make it easy to pull on their leash without putting unnecessary strain onto either yourself or Fido!

Handsome Boy Leather Belt: The handsome boy leather belt is perfect for those who want a stylish accessory that will match their outfits.

A flexible and durable design ensures it fits any size, while its soft texture feels great against your skin! The dark brown color goes well with most casual contexts- making this an ideal choice whether you're going out or just around town.
The Sexy Details Gothics Leather Bra Chest Restraint for Women is a must-have if you're into the suspenseful and dramatic style.

Burgundy with whips, chains and other spikes adorn this restraint which leaves little to imagination when it comes down being used as an accessory during sex playtime  With its sleek design there's no excuse why your partner should want anything else!

How to seduce women with harnesses


All body types can use these products. With our high quality leather products, we produce products that meet the standards our customers deserve. You can be sure to seduce your partner, especially with the best-selling Leather H-Style Harness set.

Our products are divided into 2 groups as genuine leather and imitation leather. You have the opportunity to order the features you want. Thanks to the breathable leather products, your body will not be harmed even during hot hours.

Gothic leather Buckles will make you look quite different and your partner will not be able to resist you.

We also recommend you to examine our 3 D-Ring model harness sets. These product groups are among the most preferred products by men.

Some of our products include Wide leather straps. The thickness of these belts is designed to be durable according to your bedroom fantasies and special moments with your partner. Our products are suitable for all body types.

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