Garter Lingerie & Garter Belt Lingerie Set | Miya
Bridal Garter Stockings With White Bow - White
These bridal garter stockings with white bow are perfect for your special day. They're made from high quality material that will last through years of marriage, and they come in different styles so you can find one to fit any...
$23.00 $15.00
Leather Gathered Black Garter Stockings - Black
With a garter stockings, you'll be looking alluring and ready for anything.The ineffectiveness of wearing lace can now become virtue as the rough texture provides an earthy feel to your outfit while also making it easier to take off if...
$22.00 $15.00
White Bridal Garter Stockings - White
These white bridal garter stockings will show off your legs and make you feel sexy! They come in different lengths to suit all body types, so there's sure to be one that works for whatever look or event calls out...
$21.00 $15.00
Red Fishnet Garter Socks - Red
What's that? You want to know what the sexy, new trend is in women’s undergarments... fishnet stockings! These sheer red garter socks will show off every inch of skin as they wrap around your leg just perfectly.
$13.00 $9.20
Ultra Sexy Black Fisnet Garter Stockings - Black
These ultra sexy black fisnet garters will be the perfect addition to your lingerie collection! They're just so beautiful and delicate. You can even wear them as a thigh high if you want something shorter without sacrificing function or comfort
$13.24 $7.50
Ribbon Top Fishnet Thigh Highs Stockings - Black
These black ribbons will look sexy with your favorite dress or outfit! These stockings come in one size fits most and feature a fishnet design for extra sex appeal.
Elastic Band Satin Bow Black Socks - Black
These black satin midi-length socks are perfect for any occasion. They're not just sexy, they make your legs look longer and leaner too!
$8.85 $6.25
Stylish Garter Stockings with Red Bow - Black
These sexy and festive garter stockings are the perfect way to spice up your lingerie collection this Christmas. With an alluring red bow, you'll be ready for Santa's little helper in no time!
$8.00 $5.60
Fishnet Garter Socks White - White
White fishnet garter socks are perfect for any occasion. They show off your legs in a most seductive way while still remaining elegant and classy!
$11.20 $7.36
Lace Strap Fishnets Patchwork Stockings - Black
Lace Strap Fishnets Patchwork Stockings  a perfect addition to any outfit, they'll make you feel confident and ready for anything!
$14.23 $9.50
Miya Black Mesh Silicone Lace Garter Socks - Black
Black mesh silicone lace garter socks let you show off your legs in a sultry new way.The sensual material slides along the skin smoothly, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to feel sexy without showing too much...
$9.85 $7.24
White Stocking With Black Bow Opaque - White
This sexy, yet sophisticated stockings has a black bow wrapped around it. The material is sheer and opaque enough to be seen through for added emphasis of your white legs underneath!
$13.45 $9.85
Miya Sexy Black Garter Stockings - Black
Miya's sexy black garter stockings make for an amazing addition to any outfit. They're the perfect way of showing off your curves and sex appeal without being too revealing or censored, which is why they've quickly become one my favorite...
Women's Black Mesh Garter Socks - Black
These women's black mesh garter socks will have you feeling sexy and confident as they flash the booty!
$9.80 $7.20
Sheer Lace Thigh Highs in White Stockings - White
Sheer lace thigh highs in white stockings is an outfit that will make you the center of attention. The sheer material shows off every curve, and if done right can be really attractive on someone who doesn't usually wear much...
White Floral Patterned Black Garter Socks - Black
A classic garter sock pattern in a pretty white floral design. These socks are great for wearing with any outfit and they make the perfect gift idea!
Black Thigh High Sheer Lace Top Stockings - Black
Why go out in a blast from the past when you can get this high-sheer lace top stockings that will have everyone asking where they heard of such an old fashion trend? These black thigh length hosiery are perfect for...
White Sheer Lace Top Thigh High - White
What's not to love about a nice white lace top? The delicate fabric will show off your curves in all the right places and make you feel like royalty.
Black Red Top Lace Thigh High - Black
What's Black and red, lace material on top of your thighs? The answer might be the Thigh Highs from our collection. With this sexy trend you can show off those legs in all their glory while still being able to...
$12.65 $8.20
Black Sheer Lace Stay Up Socks - Black
The alluring black lace on these socks is sure to make any guy's knees buckle. They may not be see-through but it will show off your legs and give you that extra edge in the bedroom!
Elegant Footless Nylon Thigh Highs - Black
These thigh high stockings are guaranteed to turn heads with their gracefulness and elegance. They're perfect for special occasions, or just because you want that extra touch of class!
$13.00 $7.00
Black Sheer Over Knee Thigh High Hosiery - Black
The black shear over knee thigh high hosiery is a glamorous and sexy way to give your legs the perfect amount of coverage. With an elasticity that can be pulled up or tucked in at any point, this style makes...
$10.00 $7.75
Black Fishnet Thigh High Hosiery Stocking - Black
These fishnet thigh high hosiery stocks are made of durable nylon and provide a snug fit.  The sleek design will show off your legs in all their glory, without any unnecessary material hanging out there just enough coverage to keep...
$9.00 $6.00
Cool Sensation Panty with Extra Long Legs - Black
If you're looking for a unique and fashionable pair of panty, look no further than these cool sensation briefs. These extra long legged underwear is made from the highest quality materials that will show off every inch of your assets...
$13.70 $8.15
Our satin garter lingerie and garter sets perfect for any occasion!
Hurl your partner onto the bed in just minutes. Harness their hips, elbows or shoulders with our thigh-high split stocking sets that lace up at the back of each leg like sexy wings no one will be able to resist what you have hiding under those petticoats.

The Garter Lingerie & Belt Set comes complete with matching corset style laces so all eyes can stay on YOU as soon as possible instead of focussing on howling winds outside trying desperately not let them see what happens next.

Leather Harness Lingerie With Garter Belt

if you're looking for an edgy look, this harness is perfect. The leather feel and unique design will make your partner want more as they slip into their favorite lingerie set with matching garter belt all while feeling sexy at first glance in front of everyone around them.

Ever since the invention of floral garter lingerie set, people have been trying to find new ways and means by which they could spice things up. In this day in age it seems like everyone is talking about how much sexier you are when your underwear matches what's on top!

A few years ago I never would've thought that such an idea was possible but now with so many different designers coming out every season convinced me otherwise; there really isn't anything as visually pleasing than seeing someone wearing matching pieces from head-to-toe including their undies especially if he has a nice package underneath too.

Romantic Night Underwear For Women

The perfect way to make a night of romance and sex The right lingerie can turn any ordinary session into an unforgettable one-of Gin & Tonic style.

For women, finding the right set is not only about how it looks but also feels; whether they provide enough support for your boobies or if those lace panels feel too tight around certain areas may be important considerations when shopping around!

We've put together this list with our favorite pieces from brands like Agent Provocateur which offer great quality at affordable prices so you don't have anything holding back what's already considered "special" between lovers (hint: It doesn't need much help).

Bridal Shower and Christmas Underwear Garter

I always knew underwear was a necessity, but never did I realize that it could be so sexy.
I'm not sure if you'll find me in this article's audience of lacy stockings and corseted bras?
If so then maybe we're kindred spirits who should get together sometime over cocktails to compare stories about our adventures into uncharted territory where all things lingerie-related are concerned (and other topics too!).

Shine Strap Lace Garter Belt

The lace garter belt is a staple for any woman's wardrobe. It not only adds to the sexiness of your outfit but also helps you maintain that feminine look all day long!

Wedding night Leg Harness: Get ready for the most enjoyable night of your life with our wedding night leg harness! Made from soft silicone, this sexy accessory will keep you comfortable and supported as we guide into what makes a great first day.

Fancy Night Sexy Erotic Harness: The Nighty Sexy Erotic Harness is a sexy and captivating piece of lingerie that will have you ready for anything.

Made from nylon, the strings are soft against skin while still providing enough tension to keep things interesting! This harness also comes in black if red isn't quite your speed or preference we've got something perfect no matter what color Undergarments You prefer.

One Piece Lingerie Bondage Harness: One piece, one spirit.
The latest Bondage Harness from Lingerie has just hit shelves and it's bound to break your bonds with its soft material contours that hug every curve perfectly in those steamy scenes of adventure you've been dreaming up lately now go get 'em tiger!

Erotic Lingerie Garter: A collection of lace and velvet pieces that are both elegant as well as intimate, Erotic Lingerie offers an array for the lover who wants their partner's hands free during Valentine's Day or any other time!

Mesh underwire garter lingerie: Get ready for a night of wild, expectant sex with the newest addition to your wardrobe. These mesh underwire garter lingerie will have men running rampant and you in ultimate control!

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