Miya Black Mesh Silicone Lace Garter Socks
Black mesh silicone lace garter socks let you show off your legs in a sultry new way.The sensual material slides along the skin smoothly, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to feel sexy without showing too much...
$9.85 $7.24
Fishnet Hollow Out Sexy Women Tights Stocking
Would you like to turn the tables on your partner and make them feel sexy? Fishnet's new series of pantyhose are perfect for this! Made from a stretchy material that will hug every curve, they're available in black or red....

Leather Gathered Black Garter Stockings
With a garter stocking, you'll be looking alluring and ready for anything.The ineffectiveness of wearing lace can now become a virtue as the rough texture provides an earthy feel to your outfit while also making it easier to take off...
$22.00 $15.00

White Bridal Garter Stockings
These white bridal garter stockings will show off your legs and make you feel sexy! They come in different lengths to suit all body types, so there's sure to be one that works for whatever look or event calls out...
$21.00 $15.00

Red Fishnet Garter Socks
What's that? You want to know what the sexy, new trend is in women’s undergarments… fishnet stockings! These sheer red garter socks will show off every inch of skin as they wrap around your leg just perfectly.
$13.00 $9.20

Ultra Sexy Black Fisnet Garter Stockings
These ultra sexy black fisnet garters will be the perfect addition to your lingerie collection! They're just so beautiful and delicate. You can even wear them as a thigh high if you want something shorter without sacrificing function or comfortCollection:...
$13.24 $7.50
Lace Black Over Knee Stockings
If you're looking for the perfect accessory to complement your black dress this winter, then look no further than these lace stockings. The delicate pattern is sure make an impact while still being subtle enough so as not overwhelm other...
Ribbon Top Fishnet Thigh Highs Stockings
These black ribbons will look sexy with your favorite dress or outfit! These stockings come in one size fits most and feature a fishnet design for extra sex appeal.

Stylish Garter Stockings with Red Bow
These sexy and festive garter stockings are the perfect way to spice up your lingerie collection this Christmas. With an alluring red bow, you'll be ready for Santa's little helper in no time! 
$8.00 $5.60

Lace Strap Fishnets Patchwork Stockings
Lace Strap Fishnets Patchwork Stockings  a perfect addition to any outfit, they'll make you feel confident and ready for anything!
$14.23 $9.50

White Stocking With Black Bow Opaque
This sexy, yet sophisticated stockings has a black bow wrapped around it. The material is sheer and opaque enough to be seen through for added emphasis of your white legs underneath!
$13.45 $9.85
Miya Sexy Black Garter Stockings
Miya's sexy black garter stockings make for an amazing addition to any outfit. They're the perfect way of showing off your curves and sex appeal without being too revealing or censored, which is why they've quickly become one of my...

Women's Black Mesh Garter Socks
These women's black mesh garter socks will have you feeling sexy and confident as they flash the booty! 
$9.80 $7.20
Sheer Lace Thigh Highs in White Stockings
Sheer lace thigh highs in white stockings is an outfit that will make you the center of attention. The sheer material shows off every curve, and if done right can be really attractive on someone who doesn't usually wear much...
White Floral Patterned Black Garter Socks
A classic garter sock pattern in a pretty white floral design. These socks are great for wearing with any outfit, and they make the perfect gift idea!

Red Diamond Net Thigh High Stocking
You know what they say about diamonds being a girl's best friend, right? Well, this Red Diamond Net Thigh High Stocking is going to make your thighs look even better. With its slimming seams and sleek design that won't show...
$9.80 $6.90

Black Fishnet Thigh High Hosiery Stocking
These fishnet thigh high hosiery stocks of durable nylon and provide a snug fit.  The sleek design will show off your legs in all their glory, without any unnecessary material hanging out there, just enough coverage to keep things interesting...
$9.00 $6.00

Stage Dance Wear Bondage Harness Belt Garter Lingerie Set
If you're looking for a sexy way to spice up your relationship, leather lingerie is the perfect choice. Made from high-quality leather, this type of lingerie is durable and built to last. Additionally, leather is a naturally sexy material that...
$72.03 $50.85

Wonderfly Black Lace Merry Widow Lingerie Set
I feel like a romantic and want to be prepared for my lover's arrival. A bold statement, but one that can easily hit home with this stunning black lace set.
$146.90 $69.75

Black Red Burning Love Brode Gartered Set
Our Choker Bra Set is not only stylish and delicate, but it also gives great support. Sheer lingerie is often seen as sexy and alluring, but it can also be a practical choice for those who want extra support without...
$145.99 $79.99

Leading Layd Leopard Print Garder Bra Set
Collection of leopard print garter belts lingerie in a variety sizes to fit any woman's stockings. A chic and sexy way for you or someone else get Their junkShow off at this years party!Collection : Garter Belts,
$119.99 $69.99

Fantasy Purple Bra & Garterbelt Set
A purple bra is the perfect accessory to make you feel sexy and confident. It comes with a matching garter belt and stockings, as well as garters for an all-inclusive look. The set is designed to flatter your figure and...
$14,590.00 $79.90

Party Plan Black Babydoll Set
Nothing is more alluring than a sexy black dress. The Party Plan Black BabyDoll Set embodies this idea with its sultry appeal and practicality for any occasion! Collection : Babydoll
$115.90 $79.99

Pleasure Paradice Wetlook Bra Set
Pleasure Paradice, the land of wetlook. This set promises to make your day even more pleasurable!
$99.75 $65.75

Fishnet Funy Sexy Bra Panty Set
Fishnet Fun Sexy Bra Panties are the perfect addition for any woman who loves showing off their curves. These lace boyshort underwear feature a sexy fishnet pattern that will make you feel like total bad-azz! Collection : see through lingerie...
$95.99 $65.99
Provocative Lacey Latex Set
It's not hard to see where Laceys' name comes from. Her latest set of party lingerie is made out purest white latex and features lace trimming on every edge imaginable. Not only does it show off all your assets beautifully...
Mado Glove Latex Set
This dominatrix-inspired lingerie set is perfect for the woman who wants to be confident and sexy. Made with stretchy black latex, these gloves will fit most hands comfortably while still providing you with ultimate protection from unwanted touch or contact....
Sold Out

Black Wetlook Lace Top Strappy Panty
This black lace top is the perfect addition to your lingerie collection. The delicate fabric and sheerness of this piece will have you feeling smooth all over, without ever noticing any underneath it! Pair with matching boyshort panties for an...
Black Magic Wetlook Garter Panty Set
The Black Magic Wetlook Garter Panty Set is an ultimate collection of lingerie that will make you look like a one of the radar! This special set comes with matching garter and stockings, which are both made from nylon material....

Erotic Garter Lace Set
Erotic Garter Lace Set is the perfect accessory for any event. With its intricate design and sleek finish, you'll be sure to turn heads at your next party or get-together!
$109.00 $69.00
Let’s Get It On Bodystocking
Black is a classic, monotonous color that always gets people’s attention. Whether you want to make your skin look more elegant or just wear something as statement-making accessory this bodystocking will help with both!
Playful Fantasies Sexy Bodystocking
The black color is a play on the eyes and brings out your features to make you look more beautiful. It also matches with any outfit because it goes well for anything in life!

Sold Out

Special Black Lace Bra & Garter Set
She's going to look so beautiful with this special black lace bra and garter set. The silky fabric is perfect for any occasion, it'll show off her curves in all their glory!Collection: Garter Belts
$122.99 $63.99
Black Flowless Lace Camidoll Set
This amazing set includes women see through a mesh camisole and panty with lace detailing on the front, backside of each garment. The flowless design allows for full coverage without any unnecessary gaps between you or your clothes while still...

Wild Red Sexy Lace Suit
The Wild Red Sexy Lace Suit is one of our most revealing suits. It features a cutout back and sides that show off your assets to perfection while still being elegant enough for work or an event with some class!
$79.99 $59.99
Chain Garter Belt Full Set
The chain garter belt is made of gold or silver color, with a black design bottom it. It's perfect for those who want to be submissive and weak in their knees! Bring out your submissive side Make you feel sexy...
from $600.00

There are many different types of Garter Lingerie, and the choice can seem sexy. The basic model is suitable for bedroom use with thin garters and a belt. Many styles feature one or no adjusters.

If you want to make your garter lingerie set complete, consider buying a set of suspender belts. These accessories are usually made from the finest materials and are often coordinating with designer lingerie sets.

Not only will you look great, you'll feel glamorous too! Suspender belts help to hold your hosiery in place and add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Thigh Higs Suspender belts are commonly used to hold up hosiery. They feature rubber lined clips or elasticated fabric strips, which are designed to create a seductive look.

Suspender belts come in a wide variety of styles, from vintage to modern. Generally, a high waist wide belt is the best option for day-to-day wear and holds up hosiery while forming a smooth line under clothing.

Once you're done with this, pull on the hosiery and tighten the straps. If you're wearing hold-ups, you can do the same.

Best Sexy Garter Lingerie

This sleek and sexy leather garter set is the excellent way to add a little extra excitement to your romantic night.

The light brown color of these stockings matches excellent with any black dress or skirt, while also complementing many other colors such as reds!

The garter straps are adjustable, so you can find the excellent fit, and the stockings are one size fits most.

Shopping for garter straps online is also a great way to get a better price. You can even find garter sets that come with cups so you can have a complete lingerie set. Whatever your preference, there's a garter set out there that will help transform any guy into an insatiable wild man!

Garter Lingerie Set

At Miya, we have a wide selection of garter belts to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your wedding day. Whether you're looking for something simple and understated or sexy and outrageous, we have just what you're looking for.

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