Female BDSM Harness Erotic Fetish Sexy Suit Women
It's time to show your curves for the ultimate sex experience and fantasy! This faux leather lingerie set is the one item you must have! With our selection of sexy body harness lingerie, you're sure to find something to suit...
$70.00 $60.00
Curly Maid Costume
Fetish wear curly maid is a cute, funny and unique! The perfect outfit to get the house in order. Curly Maids are the ultimate cleaning super heroes, able to take on any task from dusting off that old furniture in...

Luxury Sexy Black Leather Caged Harness Top Panty Set
This particular product is perfect for naughty moments. One of Miya's sexiest products, the Caged Harness Top and Panty Set will definitely be a great choice for special occasions!Collection : Leather Lingerie
$90.00 $50.00

Dominix Deluxe Leather Full Body And Leg Harness
Did you know that leather is a symbol of strength and durability? With this wet look black leather harness, your partner will be able to show off their gorgeous back tattoo. It's perfect for anyone who wants the ultimate in sexy...
$85.00 $60.00

Butt Harness Lingerie Hips Garter Leather Booty
If you're a woman who loves the wet look disco hips garters but harness lifestyle, you know that it can be tough to find gear that fits your specific needs. bondage lingerie is often designed for men, and even when it's...
$60.00 $45.00
Miya Full Body Leather Harness Outfit
A unique sexy red luxury full body harness lingerie, comfortable leather sex clothes is the perfect way to spice up your wear. The styling will have you feeling sexy and sensual no matter what time of day or occasion!Collection :...
from $42.37

Black Goth Vest Belt Leather Adjustable
Black Goth Vest Belt is a perfect fit for those who prefer an easier option. This bra features hooks and rings around your chest, allowing it to be adjusted as needed!Collection : Bondage Clothing
$90.00 $40.00

Leg Garters Belt Waist Lingerie Cage Wrist Lock
Leg garters belt waist is one of the hottest items in handcuffs. Whether you are looking for an intimate evening with your partner or just some fun at home, these cuffs will make sure that both partners feel their desires...
$63.00 $40.00

Black Bridal Wedding Harness Garter Body Cage Set
Bondage lingerie is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, this naughty black bridal wedding harness is sure to please. You will love this leg harness.
$80.00 $40.00

Adjustable Leather Chest Harness
There's something about a sexy leather chest harness that just makes my heart race. I love the way it feels against my skin, and the way it accentuates my curves. It's the perfect addition to any outfit, and it's especially...
$70.00 $50.00
Mado Glove Latex Set
This black color Glove latex Lingerie set is perfect for the woman who wants to be confident and sexy. Made with stretchy material, these gloves will fit most hands comfortably while still providing you ultimate protection from unwanted touch orcontact!...

Sliced Sexual Body Harness
Everyone knows that the best gifts are the ones that are naughty and nice. With that in mind, it's time to start thinking about what to get your special someone this holiday season.
$67.80 $46.61

Lace Latex Busters Set
The sexy and captivating Black Sexy Lace Latex Busters Set will leave you feeling like a total goddess. These boots are made of quality materials which ensure comfort throughout your day, while also providing an elegant look that is sure...
$139.99 $79.99
Faux Leather Lace-up Front Bodysuit Clubwear
This is the perfect latex outfit to wear when you want everyone around us, including your significant other and coworkers alike think that we're all glamorous. The faux leather lace-up front bodysuit clubwear has many different options for accessories which...
Provocative Lacey Latex Set
It's not hard to see where Laceys' name comes from. Her latest set of party lingerie is made out purest white latex and features lace trimming on every edge imaginable. Not only does it show off all your assets beautifully...
Red Latex Full Body Sock
excitement is in the air, and you can feel it just by looking at this red latex full body sock. It's so fun to wear around your house or work place because not only will they keep any late nights...

Neck Collar Body Harness Belt Body Jewerly
Neck collar body harness  is perfect for any woman who wants to take control of their man. The breathable material will make sure that you stay comfortable, while the generous size fits most women's bodies comfortably with room left over!
$70.00 $29.00

Exclusive Leather Sexy Leather Wear
Comfort and style are important when it comes to dancewear, but so is finding the right piece that sets the mood for your lover. With this erotic leather lingerie body harness, you'll have all three! The leather gives it a...
$240.00 $65.00
Exotic Leather Strappy Harness Bralette
Leather lingerie is definitely one of the most unexpected, but pleasantly sexy things you can wear. It's a great way to spice up any outfit, and it's sure to get your partner's attention. This leather bralette is not only naughty...

Vegan Leather Harness Bra
Sexy Leather Bra Harness fits perfectly with any outfit and is stylish and comfortable. Made of high quality material, it will outlast any other belt on the market today.
$59.32 $29.66

Hot Sexy Mini Skirt Wrapped Ultra Short Nightclub Pole Dancing Skirt
Looking for something hot and naughty to wear? Check out our black faux leather wet look skirt! This latex schoolgirl outfit is sure to get you noticed. With its short, tight fit, this skirt will show off your curves in...
$23.00 $14.00

One Opening Faux Cage Vest Chest Sculpting
A faux cage vest chest sculpting is the perfect accessory for any outfit. It can be worn in various ways and positions, bringing an interesting element of style to your look. leather lingerie can be worn as a top, or...
$60.00 $40.00

Rumoda Red Leather Sex Suit
A woman should feel confident and beautiful in her lingerie, whether she's wearing it for herself or for someone else. This red vegan leather lingerie set is the perfect way to boost your mood and your confidence. The soft nubuck...
$90.00 $60.00

Body Buttocks Leg Harness Belt
Handmade sexy leg harness belt outfits are something you will want to try at least once in your life. They are the best experience you will ever have and they make you feel more comfortable than any other type of...
$85.00 $40.00

Erotic Leather Lingerie Domme Wear BDSM Sex Clothes
Body harness lingerie for all your sexy fetish desires. This body harness has been specially designed to spice up the quirks of your bedroom. Perfect for making yourself feel like a dominant woman!Shop Collection : Leather lingerie
$90.00 $60.00

Ladies Leather Lingerie Erotic Harness
Looking for something special to help spice up your bedroom? Check out this gorgeous vegan leather sex clothes set! The size fits most, and the red color is sure to turn heads. The laced up design is also sure to...
$70.00 $55.00

Plus Size Faux Leather Lingerie Kinky Harness
Mature kinky harness is a harness that can be worn by women who are looking for more pleasure. It offers the freedom to explore your own desires with ease, without worrying about falling out or having something uncomfortable rubbing against...
$90.00 $50.00

Female Bondage Leather Lingerie BDSM Red Outfit
Sexy bondage fetish lingerie are a great way to ensure that you and your plus size woman can go out in style! Collection : Leather Lingerie
$100.00 $60.00

Black Leather Leg Garter Set Kawaii Punk Rock Rave Waist Belt
The delicious and devious naughty garter belt sexy body harness lingerie. It's like a erotic hip criterion for the perfect dance, or an accessory that will make you feel confident no matter what outfit is put together!  -Feel confident and...
$59.32 from $33.90

Black Fetish Sexy Leather Costume Dominitrix Clothing
The Black Fetish Bedroom Spice is designed to be an ideal tool for those who like to play the ties game. It has six adjustable straps that secure you firmly in place, leaving no room whatsoever for movement or escape;...
$59.32 $55.08

Date Night Aesthetic Clothing Set Sexy Leather Rave Outfit
A whole new world of fashion awaits you with the women fetish leather date night aesthetic clothing set, body harness leather clothes sexy available exclusively. These trend-setting clothes are not for everyone! They are only for those who want to...
$70.00 $50.00
Midi Faux Leather Fringe Tasseled Harness Skirt
You will be the talk of town when you slip into this fashionable midi tasseled harness skirt. It's got it all pole-topping potential, hook and eye closure at front with sexy detailing for an added touch that screams femininity!

Body Chain Leather Cage Harness Belt Skirt Adjustable
A body chain harness is a type of best that can be used for both formal and informal occasions. It's typically made out of leather or metal, with buckles at either side making it easy to adjust according its preferred...
$100.00 $60.00

Burlesque Fringe Leather Bra Top Vegan PU Dancewear
Leather lingerie is the perfect way to add some edge to your look. The tassel bra harness leather sexy lingerie bdsm style is a great way to spice up your look with some edgy flair! leather lingerie is also very...
$70.00 $45.00

PU Leather Choker Harness Waist Belt Sexy Body Jewerly
The chain harness top is a great way to show off your curves.  It has an adjustable elastic strap with metal rings at each end, which gives it shape and support while also making movement easy for you! Collection : Leather Lingerie
$50.00 $29.00

Gothic Womens Leather Harness Belt Adjustable
You will be sure to turn heads with this belt harness. The vampy-chic design is perfect for those who like their style edgy and borderline sexy!
$50.00 $35.00

2 Piece Top and Bottom Leather Bondage Harness Provocative Clothing
Whether you're looking for something to knock out your girlfriend or just want to feel comfortable in an attractive outfit that will show off those curves, this product is for you! You can't go wrong with ultra sexy bdsm harness....
$70.00 $50.00

Bdsm-Gear Submissive Restraints Bondage Gear
The new bdsm collar with a leash is a great way to show off your curves. It comfortably supports the breasts and butt while giving you complete posture control, all in one sleek design!
$120.00 $85.00

Stage Dance Wear Bondage Harness Belt Garter Lingerie Set
If you're looking for a sexy way to spice up your relationship, look no further than this pu leather harness belt. Perfect for couples who enjoy exploring their dominant side, this belt is sure to get your heart racing. The...
$72.03 $50.85
Leather Fringe Belt Skirt Set Sexy Festival Harness Outfit
Leather Fringe skirts that give a sense of freedom and independence are the best kind! The fringes on this belt will make you feel like your own woman.   Collection : Leather Lingerie

Red & Black Sexy Bondage Harness Lingerie
The right size bondage harness is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. There are many different sizes and styles available, so it's important to take the time to find the perfect fit. The bondage harness is one of the...
$76.27 $50.85

Sexy Pu Leather Gothic Body Strap Lingerie Suit
The leg garter harness set is a must-have for any lady who has their sights set on looking good. For those looking to spice up an outfit or just ease some discomfort, this harness will do the trick! Collection :...
$120.00 $70.00

Leather Mature Women Sexy Club Wear Bra Wear
This is fantasy sexy leather outfits. The ultimate in sexy, forbidden fantasies.The one and only place you can find the latest trends for all your x-rated needs! Collection : Leather Lingerie
$70.00 $50.00
Music Festival Dance Party Red Side Tasseled Party Harness Skirt
If you're looking for leather lingerie that will fulfill your wildest fantasies, look no further than our store. We offer a wide variety of leather lingerie in all different styles, so you're sure to find something that's perfect for you....

Red Leather Harness Full Body Sexual Gift
A fire red new trend body harness full body vegan leather lingerie for women is a perfect addition to any outfit. This item can be worn by itself as an accessory or under clothing for extra protection, making it versatile...
$140.00 $100.00

Stripper Body Chain Harness Fashion Wear
The leather body harness lingerie is a must-have for any woman who wants to take their sex life into the bedroom. It is specially designed for those who want to feel confident. The body chains highlight the curves of your...
$60.00 $47.00

Leather Body Chest Harness Cage Bra Gothic Costume Black
When it comes to leather lingerie, there are a few things that I look for in the perfect set. Firstly, it has to be made from high-quality materials that feel good against the skin. Secondly, it should be stylish and...
$60.00 $40.00

Leather Open Cup Cupless Chest Bra Harness Set Adjustable Belt
If you're looking for a plus size leather lingerie that'll make your partner feel like they've been caged, look no further than this harness and lace ensemble. With delicate straps decorated with an elegant bowtie it will be hard not to swoon...
$80.00 $55.00

Full Body Harness BDSM
The Cupless brassiere is a sexy and practical piece of lingerie that is perfect for exotic dancers. Created with beautiful leather, the Cupless brassiere offers support without sacrificing style. Theopen cup design enhances the cleavage, while the adjustable straps allow...
$80.00 $65.00

Halloween Body Harness
If you're looking for a sexy costume that will really turn heads, our halloween party harness is the perfect choice. With its united kingdom-inspired design, this costume is sure to get you noticed. And because it's made from high-quality leather,...
$60.00 $40.00

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During the French Revolution, a poet, writer, and printer named Nicolas Edme Retif de la Bretene was the first to recognize fetish clothing.

When it comes to fetish style, Thierry Mugler has come up with some of the most extravagant clothing ever.

The fashion designer's work emphasizes the strength of the woman while still being playful and fun.

Leather and rubber are also frequently used to create Mugler's garments, especially his sharply tailored suits.

At Miya, we specialize in ladies' fetish clothing that is both fashionable and sensual.

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