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There's nothing like a good festival to get the party started. Get ready for this year’s music festivals with all of your favorite women and find out what they're wearing at Miya!

Festive fashion is more than finding the perfect outfit; it's a celebration of individuality, free spirit and awesome music. No other time in human history have we had so many reasons to celebrate.

From the hottest trends to the most classic festival attire, you'll be sure to find the perfect ensemble at Trendy and Tipsy. There's an outfit for every occasion. Follow these tips to ensure you look your best at any festival.

Best Sexy Festival Clothes Coachella Outfits

The styles of festival clothing have shifted from the eras of the '60s to the present. Bohemian style reigned supreme at music festivals, but the look this year will be more tailored to the festival crowd.

Mini skirts teamed with bikinis in bright colors will be a popular trend. Wider jeans and bolder prints will also be a must-have. In other words, the festival crowd is becoming more diverse and the styles they choose should reflect that.

Festival outfits take their inspiration from music, culture, and art. Those attending an alternative music festival might consider the boho and 90s styles, which have a more carefree, casual vibe. Boho flare pants and matching crop top sets are a must-have. On the other hand, rocker-chic looks should incorporate mesh, bright colors, and iridescent fabrics. Whatever festival you attend, make sure your outfit matches the mood of the music.

Global fashion search engine Lyst has identified key trends for the festival season, based on data from five million shoppers and social media metrics. The decade's iconic look saw an increase in the popularity of oversized jumpsuits, slogan tees, and over-sized jewellery. Although not the bohemian freedom of the '60s, the 1980s fashion was instantly recognisable. It was utilitarian and stylish.

Cut-outs are another festival fashion trend that has caught on with celebs and fashion editors. The criss-cross front, open-back design, and waist-floss are two popular cuts. These pieces can be styled with cool accessories to complete the look. A back criss-cross top is another festival staple. Alternatively, you can opt for a strappy open-back bodysuit.

Consider the weather before buying your festival wardrobe. Unless you are going to the Ultra festival, you probably won't have a seat to sit in. Be sure to check the weather before going, because wearing the wrong clothing could ruin your entire festival weekend. A handy app will tell you what the weather is going to be like before you go. A good scuff-resistant design will keep you comfortable, and you don't have to worry about getting muddy or wet!

Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking 7-8 miles a day. In addition, the terrain is often uneven, so wear shoes that are comfortable. Avoid heels or wedges. This way, you won't be spending all day in the toilet!

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 If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider wearing a belt bag. The upscale version of a fanny pack, this accessory is the perfect way to hold your essentials without being too heavy. You can opt for a neutral or bold color belt bag to draw attention to your outfit. Festival clothes tend to have shorter hemlines, and shorter skorts are a practical choice for long events.

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