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Burlesque lingerie can be anything but ordinary. It is a celebration of physicality and made in China, made of silk, and incredibly sexy. Read on to find out what makes it special.

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Best Sexy Burlesque Underwear

If you've ever watched a burlesque show, you know that it can be pretty darn sexy. Not only is the art form itself an expression of physicality, but the lingerie worn by the performers is also a part of it. Burlesque has become a staple of Chicago summers, and if you're in the Chicago area, you'll probably want to catch the Fly Honey Show.

You'll see women in lace teddies and silk robes. They'll even wear fishnet pantyhose. And if you don't like burlesque, you can just wear the normal dancewear or clothing and still look sexy.

Burlesque performers are encouraged to show off their body without exposing it too much. While burlesque costumes can be expensive, burlesque lingerie is surprisingly inexpensive. You can buy some very revealing pieces for as little as $50!

Lingerie has a long history in burlesque. Throughout history, burlesque performers have worn a variety of styles that showcase their physicality, sexuality, and personality. Intimate apparel designer Priscilla Codinach has based her line on burlesque. Models wear Belladonna lingerie and flaunt feathers and fur handcuffs.

Burlesque lingerie is also highly provocative, with the naughtier aspects parodied. The close-to-revealing design and dark colours are key elements of burlesque lingerie. The goal of burlesque lingerie is to showcase the body's structure while exposing just enough skin.

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