What is a jockstrap

A jockstrap is an undergarment worn by men during sports or other activity involving physical exertion. The purpose of the jockstrap is to provide support for the male genitals, improve confidence, lessen risk of injury for pelvic source muscles and testicles, provide comfort in case contact with the pubic bone occurs, protect from chafing of inner thighs or rubbing up against material that impedes blood flow.

Depending on size it fits around your waist then stretches over your lap just below your crotch. It mostly has two straps that go between both legs and strap up around either side of the butt avoiding trouble spots like sensitive skin in the middle which would make for a really uncomfortable experience. The material on them usually consists on

Why Wear Jockstrap

Answer: It's worn to protect the genitals. If you want to play sports or other physical activity, it will be much safer.

I know for a fact that I've had guys without any wear jockstraps, and I'm pretty sure they don't enjoy their summer days as much as yours truly does now. And sometimes, there's no way of knowing if you cross paths with someone who has certain proclivities or not- meaning that unprotected intimacy is always a risk! As far as protection goes, the only thing that stops balls from getting hit are "balls" themselves which means around these parts it's either pants or jockstrap time! So before you even think about your junk start thinking about yours.

A jockstrap is a waistband with two straps (so, like underwear). It's worn during sports like basketball and football. Some people call it a Jock or simply "Sports Bra." You need it because without the cups the 'boys' will be flopping around and hurting things. Other than that though, wearing one has type of negative health effect. Except if you're taking wrestling as an elective to demonstrate superior control of male body parts ;)

I'm kidding, by the way. Wrestling wrestling! Omg just stop all this Kegel exercise stuff!! You might want to avoid that because I think it stops your sperm from penetrating eggs :( But also if you don't want any penis related problems

How to wear Jockstrap 

Answer: What type of jockstrap do you have? The style you wear depends on the type of fabric that your jockstrap is made from. Read about how to wash it here.

If you're looking for the best way to put it on, first slide your underwear down and then wrap the strap around waist first, then bring one leg through each side. Pull up the clothing at the front to secure in place, tucking any bits or bumps which might show below back between your legs again before pulling up again at the back. Things are gone this way because they should not be seen by anyone else but he who owns themself.

One should not go wearing skimpy undergarments with a jockstrap because if