What is a Cuckold Fantasy ? - What Does Cuckold Mean

What is a Cuckold ? The Meaning of the Fetish Sex Term Some Couples Are Embracing.

The term cuckold is a fetish that has been around for centuries and it's not just limited to heterosexual couples. In fact, there are many different types of people who enjoy this type of sexual activity.

It can be done with men or women but most often it involves a man being forced by his wife into having sex with another woman. This may seem strange at first glance because we all know how much some wives love their husbands. (may be difficult to experience in real life)

Cuckold Fantasies History

The term cuckold is derived from the Old English word "cucul," meaning a male goat, and it was used as an insult for a man whose wife had sexual relations with other men.

The first recorded use of the term in print appeared in 1598 when William Shakespeare wrote: “A woman’s heart must be tickled before she will yield; And being once tickled, never after dies.” In 17th century England, this phrase became synonymous with cheating.

What is a Cuckold Fantasy ?

Cuckoldry as a fetish

The association is common in medieval folklore, literature, and iconography English usage first appears about 1250 in the medieval debate poem The Owl and the Nightingale. It was characterized as an overtly blunt term in John Lydgate's Fall of Princes, c. 1440.

A flag used in the English Civil War Horatio Cary referring to the Earl of Essex's notorious marital problems In Western traditions, cuckolds have sometimes been described as wearing the horns of a cuckold or just wearing the horns. This is an allusion to the mating habits of stags, who forfeit their mates when they are defeated by another male.

Cuckolding Fantasies

Where it is a major personal offence), the insult is often accompanied by the sign of the horns French, the term is porter des cornes. Rabelais's Tiers Livers of Gargantua and Pantagruel portrays a horned fool as a cuckold.

In some cultures, such as Japan, there has long been a sexual interest in cuckolding men.

This can take many forms:

  • A woman will seduce her lover into having sex with someone else while she watches.
  • She might even arrange for him to meet this person herself.
  • Or she could simply watch them together without participating.
  • Some women enjoy watching their lovers cheat on each other.

Biological Urge

Some people are just wired to enjoy watching others get it on, and this is often the case for men who like seeing women being fucked or getting gangbanged. This can also apply to straight couples where one person enjoys watching another couple fuck each other.

The idea that you might want your partner to experience something new and exciting could play into this as well. If you’re not sure what turns him/her on then try experimenting together in different positions until you find out!


The idea behind this one is that you want to see your partner get fucked because you don't think he'll fuck anyone but you. You might also feel jealous when you watch him getting fucked because you know how good it feels for him.

This can lead to an intense feeling of arousal from seeing his cock being used by other men. It could even make you cum just thinking about it.

The Benefits of Cuckold Lingerie

Cuckold Lingerie is the most requested form of erotic lingerie in the adult entertainment industry. Cuckold Lingerie is one of the most beautiful and seductive pieces of adult intimate apparel and it can also be extremely uncomfortable for women who wear it.

The main issues with wearing a cuckold lingerie garment are that they are very visible and they are, quite simply, uncomfortable. It's almost impossible to enjoy intercourse or have an intimate moment with a partner if your clothes are distracting.

So what is a cuckold garment? It is a short negligee which is worn by women who are married or in some other relationship where one partner desires to see the other woman naked.

It comes in many different styles and is worn underneath clothing and dresses. It is a fantasy come true for many women who want the sexual freedom of being able to expose their bodies while still remaining in control.

There are many different types of cuckold negligees that can be ordered online or from catalogs. Most retailers allow the women to return the garments within a certain time frame and replace them with a new one if necessary.

Who chooses to wear a cuckold negligee anyway?

While there are many women who feel as though they would enjoy being covered in such a lingerie item, others find that they would be uncomfortable and even ashamed if they were to reveal a stranger's body during an intimate moment.

For these women, cuckold lingerie is a means to get what she wants without the anxiety or shame that might occur if she were to reveal her marital or sexual status to someone that she is not married to. Some women choose this type of lingerie because they want to feel like they have power over the person they are giving the gift to.

It is important to note that cuckold lingerie is not only worn between married couples. Women who have not yet gotten married often choose this type of lingerie to spice up their love life. It is common for married women to wear a cuckold set to please their husbands and boost their self esteem.

However, it is not uncommon for men to give women cuckold clothing as a gift. Sometimes men decide that they do not wish to wait for a wedding to give their wives the cuckold garments that they desire.

Hot Wife Lingerie ( Fantasy )

There are a few different styles of cuckold lingerie that can be found on the market today. Most popular among women is the same top that conceals the woman's stomach and a thong for the man. There are also camisoles and teddies for men that provide a tight fitting garment that is worn around the waist. Men often choose cuckold lingerie items that are reminiscent of the day time so that they can feel as if they are in their most familiar form.

Some cami tops and teddies are even made with various accessories such as removable garters or stockings. These are items that can make wearing cuckold clothing even more enjoyable for the men who wear them.

One of the benefits of cuckold lingerie is that it provides the perfect option for giving the gifts of marriage. In fact, many women are actually looking towards cuckold clothing as gifts for their own husbands rather than buying them new clothes. If you are looking to buy your wife or girlfriend cuckold clothing to please her then it may be a good idea to search the Internet for suppliers of cuckold lingerie items. You may be surprised at the choice that is available to you.

  • Cheating can change your fantasy sex life quite a lot.
  • Sexual fantasies can sometimes be significantly suggestive to save your relationship.
  • Sometimes the BDSM relationship may not be approved by the female partner. Therefore, act by thinking about your partner without hurting him.
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 What is a cheating relationship?

 If you think there are problems with your relationships, please consider making an appointment with a sex therapist first and seeking psychological counseling. If you do not want to experience regret as a sexual experience or if you do not risk damaging your relationship, please be in mutual communication with your partner.

Cheating may not always result in a positive relationship. If you have a shared fantasy world with your partner, this may be good for you!

If you think there are problems with your relationships, please consider making an appointment with a sex therapist first and seeking psychological counseling. If you do not want to experience regret as a sexual experience or if you do not risk damaging your relationship, please be in mutual communication with your partner.

Cheating may not always result in a positive relationship.
If you have a shared fantasy world with your partner, this may be good for you.

Finally ;


Cuckoldry is a fetish where one spouse watches and/or fantasizes about another (usually) sexually servicing someone else. The fact that for many people this involves watching their significant other cheat makes it difficult to watch at times, but there are those who get off on the idea of themselves being degraded or humiliated in front of others; they're called "cucks" for short.

Cuckold fetishism is the act of glorifying one's wife or husband having sex with another person. It usually occurs in marriage where it is thought that only the most luxurious and expensive items will do for this type allegiance between men, women (or more), fidelity - but not always!  There are many different reasons why people may find themselves aroused by these types fantasies; some maybe related to wanting something forbidden while others enjoy imagining what they would be like if their partner was replaced (literally).

Cuckold Porn

Cuckold pornography is when a husband watches his wife have sex with another man. This type of lustful fetish can be seen in many different forms, including videos or pictures where the woman holds up her phone to show you what's happening while she goes down on someone else often times wearing an outfit that makes it very clear which sexual behavior applies here! The idea behind this kind of kinky scene starts out as follows: A guy meets up with one other person (perhaps even just himself) who agrees not only watch them engage in pillow talk but also join together physically so they may fully appreciate each others' bodies...all 3 avenues are open at any given time because consenting adults enjoy themselves without judgment

Gender Norms

It's incredible how much society labels us based on our sex. It seems like people are always looking for the perfect way to tell you what kind of man or woman they think that their child should be, which can really mess up any chance at individuality especially if those traits don't match up with yours!

Sexual Pleasure

"It can be difficult to find the perfect balance between what turns you on and how much pleasure your partner is getting. Luckily, we're here for all of that."