The Real Reason Women Wear Sexy Costumes on Halloween

The blogs of late have been ablaze (some metaphors are intended as a mix) about Halloween. However, I believe that one crucial point is not being addressed.

We all know that most costumes available to young girls are sexualized. However, no one has talked about what I believe is the primary reason women dress in sexy outfits.

Girls aren't a fan of being ridiculous. Like the college counseling offices where sane people die, girls scrutinize silly behavior at the door of the middle school.
I was a rather fun-loving girl back then; however, in middle school, I was adamant that I needed to look fabulous all the time. That's why my female classmates and I stopped saying or doing things that were a bit goofy. Goofy is akin to cool, whatever it is in the end.

sexy hallowen costumes

Thankfully, I attended The Girls Leadership Institute and got my groove back, and I'll write about that in a different blog article.
There are a lot of girls who feel pressure to be calm and thus "normal;" I certainly do not feel that way—one of the best ways to convince people that your novel is fantastic is by having an appealing cover. What girls wear is a vital signification.
Do you wonder why girls in their teen years look so similar? There's security in the numbers. If you dress like everybody else is wearing, you'll look like a clone, and If you're lucky, people will mistake you for affluent youngsters. Girls aren't foolish to appear fashionable.

Halloween is an ideal time to play ridiculous and get rid of the Scooby-Doo costume you wore in the fourth grade (it looked like a good concept at that time).
You can dress in something outrageous since everyone will be aware that the costume is accurate, and they won't judge your outfit, right? It's not that easy.

"Cool" doesn't take vacations, and you're either excellent 24 hours a day, or you're not. Unfortunately, Scooby-Doo isn't considered cool. However, sexually attractive Scooby is an absolute must-have.

I'm not a big fan of sexually explicit costumes; however, let's face it, the cat's outfit is a lot more appealing than an inflatable Kiss costume. A ridiculously small-sized costume is far more appealing than a costume that's crazy.

It's fun to be a hot referee; I'm not sure. However, rather than getting obsessed with the details of what girls dress for Halloween, we need to focus on why girls who are aware of the rules still accept the pressure.

Most girls I meet recognize that the choices made to them are off-putting (and completely inappropriate. It's cold in October!).
But these smart girls dress in a slack outfit. When the time comes for shove, the cool factor is more important than paying attention to the voices critical of costumes.

Many girls can understand and agree with their parents' worries about costumes. However, they are enslaved by the need to look trendy.
They can't dress up as astronauts as they are afraid of looking weird. Girls are afraid to look funny, even for a day, because funny and relaxed do not mix while being trendy is crucial.

I've always struggled with picking an outfit. I debated whether to wear a fun, distinctive costume rather than having the same outfit as everybody else. The past dilemmas included lunch lady against. Mouse Rosie The Riveter and. An upcoming celebrity.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never been brave enough to dress in a costume that I loved because my gut feelings in the matter of costumes and other things are not always trendy. At the time, the idea of being cool was more important.

I'm happy to announce I am happy to announce that my pals and I are wearing a not-cool outfit; we're dressed as the characters of the movie Where the Wild Things Are.

I'm a little worried that I'll look foolish or that no one would "get" it.
Dressing in a ridiculous costume that's more appropriate for a child of seven than a teenager is anxious. The majority of people will not think that our costumes are trendy. Being calm, even for an hour, can be a bit scary. But it's Halloween, and what better excuse to do something frightening?

Join me this Halloween and let out your inner dork!

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